Frequently asked questions about the MowFleet system:

The starting cost for installing the system is a mere $1 per yard of boundary wire installed. If you have a 1/4 acre of green space to mow, needing 170 yards of boundary wire, you’re looking at an initial cost of $170. Very simple. Then, you rent robots and base units from us at a fixed price.

As a result of this, any significant investments in robots or electric installations are avoided. Plus, the system will free up time for your staff to perform more profitable tasks.

No one. These mowers are incredibly safe to operate. If there are any attempts to lift or move them, the disc with the rotating blades will stop immediately.

Our system has been used for more than 150 000 hours without incidents or theft attempts. The problem becomes non-existent when the mowers are used only during regular working hours. For additional security, each mower’s position can be tracked in real-time via GPS, should someone try to move them.

We often say that these mowers are quieter than a summer rain. Hence, there will be no disturbance of animals or humans when the mowers are at work. Furthermore, we have never experienced incidents where small birds or hedgehogs have been harmed. An independent Danish-British study shows, that the Husqvarna mowers used in our system are the least harmful to wildlife.

Compared with using a traditional ride-on mower, the difference is enormous. Using robots means that the long workdays spent on a mower, wearing ear protection, are gone. There will be no injuries from vibrations, no stress from noise, and no inhalation of harmful fumes and exhausts. The MowFleet system also contributes to a more stimulating and varied workday for the staff.

So, it’s safe to say that it affects the working environment of your staff. In a good way.

The MowFleet system meets all predictable regulations regarding hydrocarbons, CO₂ , and any other harmful type of emissions. We find it’s safe to say so because the emission from a robotic mower is zero.

The only environmental impact worth considering is caused by transporting staff and robots to the green spaces. Luckily, many new environmentally friendly work-truck options are currently being launched.

A prohibition on selling garden equipment using fossil fuels will be coming into effect in California in 2024. In the 70s, the Golden State paved the way for catalytic converters in cars, adopting similar legislation. We are convinced that large parts of the US will soon follow. And then the rest of the world.

We are firmly convinced that no company or municipality can afford to not do its best, when it comes to limiting its environmental footprint.

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