What’s a MowFleet?

The robotic lawnmower is nothing new. But a fleet of robots operating within a professional system is. 

The robots work as an integrated part of our patented system, which is fully grid independent. We have replaced the power cord with batteries. Instead of fixed installations, we offer flexibility.

On top of that, pick the benefits that suits you: the robots are quieter than a summer rain; their climate footprint and emissions are close to zero; they are agile and able to mow lawns where large tractor mowers simply can not go. That’s MowFleet for you.

And there is even a quality aspect to our offer: The grass will be greener.

The quiet revolution:

In our system, robots are so quiet that even your average summer rain will override them. Something we know is appreciated by hotel guests, spa visitors, anyone living in the area, students, bypassers, wild and domestic animals, and anyone taking a stroll.

100% fossil free.

Conventional, gas-powered mowers are environmental villains. The MowFleet is emission-free. And when you are charging the batteries with electricity from wind or solar, you are operating an almost climate-neutral lawn care system.

Quieter than summer rain.

Noise is a common source of stress. It simply makes people feel unwell. The noise levels of a conventional mower may reach 91dB – as loud as a jazz concert. A lawn may get mowed once every week. Hence MowFleet will save you many jazz concerts.

A sounder working environment.

Long work hours every day on a vibrating machine will affect your body in many unhealthy ways. With MowFleet, all that will change. In addition, it also makes the workday less monotonous and will free up time for other tasks.

Without a trace.

MowFleet is at home in sloped or hard to access green spaces that would be off-limits to conventional heavy mowers – there would be no room for them, or they might just tip over. Also; a robotic mower's low ground pressure lets you mow more often. This creates a more dense lawn without any ruts from wheels.

Completely grid-independent.

There’s no need for power outlet installations in connection to the mowing areas. Both robots and base stations run on rechargeable batteries that you connect and disconnect in less time than it takes to read this. When the equipment is collected at the end of the day, nothing of value is left at the lawn.

A lesser financial burden.

There are no financial barriers if you want to start working with the MowFleet system. Instead, you will rent the equipment from us at a fixed charge per mowed square foot or acre. Our authorized local dealers will gladly help you with installation, education, and service.

How to comply with tomorrow's regulations.

If you let a fossil fuel-driven mower run for one hour on regular gasoline, the machine will emit as many harmful emissions as a car driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. To no one’s surprise, the legal framework around gardening equipment is being tightened, with California leading the way.

A typical day with the MowFleet system.

Is there a price tag for mowing a lawn?

The very first US patent for a robotic lawn mowing system.

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